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Make an adventure of 2020. We will take you to fascinating places and show you how to change your life forever

This Gallery will be a window into our world. You are welcome to step inside.



Nadan Beach Khanom Thailand


For beach lovers who are curious about the Pink Dolphin in the photo in the Gallery. Yes, they do exist and we have seen them swimming while practicing on the beach at sunrise and on boat trips. Khanom is quiet and very private and surrounded by hills and has beautiful secluded beaches, good hills for hiking and very good sea food and cafes. Luxury accommodation at a steal. as the above photos show. VIP Longevity and Health recovery is the theme of this retreat. Further details will be added soon. This will suit those used to a high level of comfort. Details to be announced shortly via Social Media

The Good life Dacha Pai Thailand


Nestled close to Myanmar in the north of Thailand is a small town named Pai. Surrounded by mountains which are the foothill of the Himalayas, Pai has valleys, a canyon, loads of trails and rivers . Hot springs are just out of town. Pai is vibrant, full of musicians, artists, soul searchers and is a popular tourist destination. Pai has a unique culture and many foreign people have settled there and a very artistic community among visitors and Thai locals. You may never go home. 

Yoga foundation course and Medicinal Qigong is the theme of this retreat.

Long Term Study

New for this year is a course to learn what we do. Participants will live in Siem Reap  and join us on our retreats around SE Asia. We will teach our Arts and Science and show how to run retreats and courses from the ground up including branding and marketing. Do this course all at once or module by module over time. This will be a comprehensive Wellness schooling in a very relaxed environment.    Details to be announced via Social Media.

Get in touch if you are interested or have any questions.

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Prior to composing your email consider, our request for a small list of details regarding why you are contacting us. with as much detail as possible  on any current medical conditions should you be considering health recovery.

Should you be considering a long term study of our specialty subjects please furnish as many details as possible and your expectations and experience.

Thank you.

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