Morning Medicinal Qigong Class  Siem Reap

06: 30 am to 08:00 am


Morning Taoist Medicinal Qigong Foundation Set at Wat Damnak Pagoda


Loosen up your skeleton and get your circulation and system flowing. Breath fully and cleanse out the system.


This is our foundation practice and is a daily routine that we build on. Over time, as the body adjusts, we modify the routine to increase in load and progress to open up the skeleton. No hard stretching just release and reset. Feel wonderful for the rest of the day!

08:30 am 10.00 am

Taijiquan Internal Strength Training Set at the Royal Gardens Siem Reap

Bone density, tendon reconditioning and muscle mass growth is what this practice produces. Concentration and mental focus here leads to a smooth clear state with a light body.

10.30 am -   Conditioning and Spa.


Light weights, salt water swimming and flexibility and core strength training. Infra Red Sauna, Herbal Steam Sauna and cold pool in gender separated change rooms.


Rest until late afternoon and practice Taoist Standing Practice.


Private Sessions

Early afternoon until late afternoon is reserved for one on one sessions. All our guests receive private sessions. During early stages this is daily until the visitor can manage their own practice then we monitor and adjust as needed. very short term visitors can get a sample of what we do and we use one on one sessions for immediate issues but our visitors can bring cameras and film the lessons. We demonstrate a summary that is filmed by our visitors. We include stuff for future reference. 

06:00 pm 07: 00 pm


Standing Qigong. Pagoda or Royal Gardens

Soft elongating routine followed with Taoist Breath Work.leading to a relaxed mind and settled Qi. This is the last link in the chain of the days practice.

Important note


All of these practices are essential in order to learn to manage the body, mind and energy. It is policy that visitors attend all morning classes unless they are doing these at home in the morning. This practice has continued to awe science during recent studies  More

Training days

We train every morning with short term visitors and our long term guests are encouraged to take a couple of days a week to rest and explore. This is done in order to relax the body and mind and it keeps the practice fresh. Practice obsession is harmful

Contact Us

Announcement and contact tips


Prior to composing your email consider, our request for a small list of details regarding why you are contacting us. with as much detail as possible  on any current medical conditions should you be considering health recovery.

Should you be considering a long term study of our specialty subjects please furnish as many details as possible and your expectations and experience.

Thank you.

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