can you regenerate your heart and recondition your lungs ?


Hypoxia is a condition resulting from oxygen deprivation that causes tissue degeneration.

Intermittent Hypoxic Training  and its benefits are what we will explore here. 

Important Notice.

Do not attempt to learn this technique without proper instruction and monitoring.


Intermittent Hypoxis Training uses restricted breathing to drive the body into a Rapid Adaptation Response that results in the increase in production of Red Blood Cells by up to 10 times thus allowing the body to have more oxygen carriers. The blood cells also become larger and carry more oxygen around the body into areas normally in Hypoxis.


This may be beneficial in treating Chronic Lung Disease and bronchial Asthma, the increased lung tissue movement resulting from deeper inhalations after applying the method opens up the lungs and helps to move congestion and increases the inhalation volume also hard full exhalations train the muscles used in breathing This can improve the lungs ability to re oxygenate and get rid of CO2 . The heart undergoes change as this method places a strain on the heart increasing the volume of blood moved per beat. 

IHT has become a common practice among elite level athletes and their training methods include the use of a special face mask that can be adjusted to replicate various altitudes. Some methods include adding Nitrogen to a contained breathing apparatus while on a stationary bike. This method is generally on used for a few minutes at at time a few times per week and this changes according to the health of the person practicing.

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