Louis Van Skaik

Louis visited the Academy towards the end of 2016 for a drop in yoga class.

Louis had suffered from sports injuries for years and had invested a lot of money in treatment to no avail.

Our yoga class started a very rapid healing process that motivated Louis to remain and study to become a therapist himself.

Louis underwent an intense 6 month training program covering remedial yoga, medininal qigong and mentoring.

Louis excelled and impressed me so much that he was offered a position on the faculty of the Academy.

Louis is an excellent teacher, he has a warm and very sincere personality and invests himself completly in the development of his students.

Louis is a great ambassador for his generation and consistently impresses me with his compassionate and insightfull way of dealing with people.

The time Louis shared with us enriched everyone. Louis is alturistic and played a pivotal role in our project to uplift the life of a young woman in dire circumstances.

Louis carries with him our gratatude and respect in addition to our unreserved endorsement of him as an exceptional teacher and human. Thank you Louis

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