By following the Yogic principles of eating habits, sleeping times and eating times you can completely transform your life.


Basic, basics and more basics. Niv

Niv hails from a unique place in India, Goa. She brings a very solid classical foundation to the Academy. As there is so much more to Yoga than just Asana it is essential to continue the transmission of these overlooked aspects of what leads to the experience of Yoga. So it is essential to base the transmission on this. With Niv it is very refreshing and inspiring to find a person so well versed in the broader aspects of attaining Yoga. Ahimsa Academy.


Being born and brought up in a place like Goa, India has inculcated a very different culture and lifestyle which is often associated with being termed as 'susegaad' - which simply means 'lazy'. That being said and partly being true, doesn't mean that the people are not hard working.Having a multi-cultural family background has influenced my approach to dealing with this multi dimensional world. All people are unique so a Proper Yogic approach considers this and helps each individual apply these tools in their own unique ways in their daily lives. Niv.

Excellence of experience is the minimum standard here and we treat our guests with top service. Niv is the Ambassador of the Academy and brings a relaxed and light hearted touch to our world. Niv is a hospitality graduate from India's top institute, Bachelors in Hospitality and Hotel Management from Institute of Hotel Management, Mumbai and later also did a Post Graduate Certificate in International Hospitality Management from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.

What brought Niv to follow the path to Yoga, in her own words.


The busy life and an untimely manner of working life really wore me out and i reached to a point where I couldn't manage and had to quit. It was a bad idea, as it lead to developing mental health issues which finally led me to Yoga and there I discovered answers to many questions, to my own surprise!!


Having experienced that, which helped me transform into a better person by simply following the yogic guidelines of eating habits, sleeping times, eating times, has helped me to lead a better physical and a mental life. By being your teacher, I wish to help you achieve the same. Thank you.

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