The Warriors Life

A unique complete system with broad application based on Ancient Wisdom

& Modern Science



With over 4 decades of experience I will show you how to take charge of your life and reshape your future combining body- weight routines, resistance and endurance training with mobility and flexibility training you will feel young and vital again.

Intelligent, safe practice and nutrition for high performance combine to help you achieve your goals.

Learn to lose weight with Keto and how to boost your production of Human Growth Hormone with intermittent fasting.

We will teach you to develop and manage your training program. How to motivate yourself and achieve your goals.


Top level training and Life Coaching. Anti Ageing with an Ancient foundation.

Healthy skeleton

Combining Taoist chiropractic exercise routines, that also address the nervous system, endocrine system, motor functions, spacial awareness, balance, strength. Incredible system, that to date, has helped with a wide range of ill health conditions with excellent results


Resistance training

Using light weights and explosive work using body weight. Agility, balance and range of motion to fully develop our potential.


Develop your mental power, learn self motivation and discipline. Forge a new future.

Cutting Edge Nutrition

Keto and Timed Eating Have astounded skeptics. Many people have decided to do something about managing their health and a huge number have gone public with incredible testimonials. The use of a Ketogenic diet was first tested on epilepsy patients with excellent results. Intermittent fasting , or timed eating recently gaining attention for effects of increasing levels of Human Growth Hormone and other hormones and enzymes. HGH gains of around 2000% have been clinically verified.

Tissue Reconditioning

Expanding rather that stretching allows the tissue to grow longer and this develops new attributes and enhances the nervous system.

Your prize !

Enjoy greatly improved health, mobility, and a healthy and positive outlook on life regardless of circumstances.

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Prior to composing your email consider, our request for a small list of details regarding why you are contacting us. with as much detail as possible  on any current medical conditions should you be considering health recovery.

Should you be considering a long term study of our specialty subjects please furnish as many details as possible and your expectations and experience.

Thank you.

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