Chen style Tai Chi Forms

A video based introduction to a sequence of forms trained at the Academy

Chen style Tai Chi practice a number of sequences from bare handed sequences to weapon sets. Featured in this post are 3 bare hand forms. Featured in the following videos is Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei. This is the lineage we follow here as my main teachers are his students or Disciples.

The first form we teach is a starter form of 18 steps featured in the above video. This form is an ideal platform to gain an understanding to the essential energies and transition dynamics needed to develop the body and skill. As this form is short the effort is minimal and it can be repeated many times thus building stamina and strength.

Next we start to learn the oldest Chen form which has a history of a few hundred years. Old Frame first Routine. This form is used to develop inner power, calmness and stability and contains many variations.

The old Fram Second Routine or Cannon Fist. This is the second part of the original form. This routine deploys fast and very explosive movements known as Fajin. Fajin is trained separately before being incorporated into this sequence. In actuality fain is present in every form as Chen Tai Chi is a martial art and speed and power is needed to make any martial art work.

However Tai Chi first builds the ability to deliver power through gentle and slow training in order to protect the body from damage which could arise from the incorrect delivery of power.

First we train structure and energy then kinetics then power and martial applications.

Chen Tai Chi has a history that reaches back in time through the Warring period. This martial art was already a family system then and underwent a significant development on the battlefields where combat against armed opponents wearing body armor was the norm. Chen Tai Chi remains true to its roots still although it is now practiced more for health and spiritual cultivation. Chen Tai Chi when mastered is a very formidable combat system.

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