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Updated: Jan 22

Circumstances and habits are not always permanent

The turning point

When this happens the worst is generally over. Be it an addiction, unpleasant job or broken relationship. It could even come when we have had enough of not living fully.

Keeping the momentum

It is really easy to start a project only to fade when the results dont arrive as fast as we wish.

Just staying commited is the biggest gain, the rest is a bonus.

Finishing what we start, setting small and easy to reach goals daily provides a base to rebuild our self esteem and confidence.

Patience and discipline are absolutely necessary. It is better to suffer the pain of personal discipline than the pain of regret.

New habits new life

Relaspe into old habits is perfectly normal and not a cause for alarm unless we give up hope. Every day of our lives is going to challenge and reward us.

The victorious warrior. From Vira to Ujai

The first phase of self realization, realization of self and our potential is the war against giving up and accepting a meaningless existence. During this phase we are warriors at war with our negativity. Vira means warrior and is not just a handy prefix to name a couple of Asana's but instead is a mindset to build determination and a track record of achievement. It is also the first phase of Asana practice with total focus on standing postures and transitions following direction by the breath.

Ujai means victorious and is not a breathing method. Ujai is enlightenment. Ujai is an arrival into a new and more complete state of being. The actualization of our full potential and an awareness of the world around us at a more profound and beautiful layer. Deeper and more meaningful relationships based in love and support are the reward.

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