Fats, our best friends

Why we need them :

Good fats are an essential part of our diet and are essential in providing our bodies

with  energy and to support the growth and health of our cells . Fats also help protect your organs and help help regulate your body temperature. Fats are essential for  your body's ability to absorb nutrients and are important for the production of important hormones. Fats keep the brain sharp.

Good ones - bad ones:

Lets get the bad fat out of the way first.

Margarine. This is an artificial substance that should be avoided with a passion. In fact any food that is processed should also be avoided.

Good fats can be found in olive oil, coconut oil, avocados and most nuts. Nut oils are excellent. Adding these fats to our diet is a great step in ensuring better health and our bodies love that. Coconut oil is especially good for very active people and in my experience a little every day leaves my joints feeling smooth.

It is far better to meet our energy needs with fats than sugars. A diet plan that includes a lot of good fats will work better.

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