Updated: Sep 22, 2018

Developing determination and perception

Unlocking a deeper layer

Wandering attention, mental fatique, emotional instability and confusion are constant problems when the mind becomes tired. Tratak is an approach with a wide range of techniques enabling us to practically grasp its principles and thereafter experience a mindset that is very aware and relaxed.

Sometimes mistaken for just staring at a candle Tratak is far broader and actually resets our ability to see and understand in a gentle way that does not overwhelm.

This is very simple and can be easily grasped. Try this by looking at any vista ie mountains or roof of buildings, scan slowly from left to right and back repeating this slowly each time looking for something missed before.

This very quickly calms the mind and develops control and the ability to concentrate for extended periods without fatigue. Relaxation throughout and after is vital.

The meaning of Asana as presented in the 8 limbs refers first to mental posture and composure, essential before any other work.

Tratak becomes constant and we then see everything clearly.

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