Meditation, an introduction and easy exercise for beginners.

Meditation made easy to learn and what is required.

Meditation is simply training to concentrate without burning out the mind. The practice allows us to view and engage life from a calm place thus ensuring that our thoughts and actions are in balance with the world around us.

The word meditation describes a wide range of mental activities from visualization to reprogramming the persona. Meditation however it is practiced refreshes the mind and allows us to develop insight and intuition.

To meditate one needs to set aside some time and it is better to keep a regular time with early in the day being the most popular time to meditate as it sets up the day.

The first module of meditation is developing the habit and learning to relax while being singleminded for long periods. Observing the rhythm of the breath, counting the breaths, feeling sensations on the surface of the skin or repeating affirmations mentally all work to develop the concentration, later we start to notice that our minds are relaxed and sharper and things make more sense.We move beyond ignorant living into an enlightened life with purpose and meaning.

More advanced practices actually have methods to increase energy and allow more unrestricted insights into life.

Another excellent technique is sitting and listening to the sounds of nature somewhere the air is clean.......

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