Qigong - What can it do?

With thousands of years of evolution it definitely has much to offer.

Qigong is a very old science and one of the great treasures from ancient China. Qigong forms the foundation of Tai Chi and there is a separate branch of Chinese medicine that uses only Qigong in the form of a practice for the patient or energy emitted from a healer.

Qigong is a very broad science. Over the thousands of years of the development of Qigong many different schools have emerged. Sadly not all of these schools are legitimate, there are teachings that are dangerous if not practiced correctly.

Classically Qigong is simple and profound, less effort more energy. Qigong is a natural science that unlocks our full potential. Restores our health and improves our strength.

Qigong offers many other benefits. Practitioners of Qigong have more vitality and are generally more positive and optimistic about life and have lots of energy for other people.

The practice of Qigong reveals to us the true nature of ourselves and reality.

I am 53 at the publishing of this article and my quality of life is better than ever. My movement is smoother than it has ever been and I have more vitality and a steadier mind.

When I was younger I was prone to repeated respiratory ailments and infections. This is no longer the case.

Benefits of Qigong include enhanced immune response, better muscle performance, better metabolic function, slower aging, faster recovery from illness and fatigue, more vitality, clearer perceptions and an elevated mood.

Another benefit is that it is very easy to learn and teach. Simple, natural and based on common sense Qigong will balance the individual and unlock deeper layers and abilities of the mind.

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