Wellness retreats in Siem Reap Cambodia

Updated: Jan 22

Experience a new future

We offer very comprehensive and professional wellness and recovery retreats. Understanding that regaining health can sometimes require time depending on the condition.

Our therapies are based on self management. To this end we educate on lifestyle management, mental health, addiction management and recovery, physical and exercise coaching and supplement the process with acupuncture, massage and qigong.

Our guests stay in apartments with kitchens, we introduce our guests to the Ketogenic diet and teach how to menu plan and cook a wide range of meals following the Ketogenic principles. The shift to utilizing Ketones for fuel rather than sugar has a very positive impact. I will write and post more on this subject.

Our retreats are life changing and we allow a gentle assimilation into a new state. We have been doing this for ages and have helped change the lives of many people, please visit our Trip Advisor page.

Siem Reap is a perfect place to enjoy this experience, it is pleasant with very friendly people, a relaxed and cheerful way of life and a timeless feel enhanced by the beautiful architecture and surroundings. Excellent restaurants and first world standard facilities Siem Reap perfectly balances the ancient and modern.


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Prior to composing your email consider, our request for a small list of details regarding why you are contacting us. with as much detail as possible  on any current medical conditions should you be considering health recovery.

Should you be considering a long term study of our specialty subjects please furnish as many details as possible and your expectations and experience.

Thank you.

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