What can Tai Chi and Qigong do for you ?

Both Qigong and Tai Chi have recently been subjected to extensive research. Over the years both have come to be viewed in a new light. The profound effects experienced in literally millions of people speak volumes.

In the early days practitioners were considered eccentric to say the least. Making claims that seemed insane.

Doctors are now recommending the practices and the results are under study.

The following conditions.

Endocrine, skeletal, neural, muscular, behavioral, emotional and cognitive conditions have been treated successfully.

The above may seem like a bit of a reach, a magic bullet or pure nonsense. Consider that China enjoys a rich and long history and pioneered almost every major development throughout history.

Chinese culture and philosophy may seem alien and abstract. The medical system even more so. However it does enjoy a reputation for astounding results.

The fundamentals of the diagnostic and treatment protocols utilized by the Chinese medical fraternity are the same throughout every field in China that involves humans. Qigong is both a medical and martial science, both system built upon the exact same practice principles, same exercises.

Finding a proper teacher and system is crucial. As with any field there are a LOT of fakes and practices that are not safe.

Qigong and Tai Chi require attention to detail. This is vital, deep levels of functional relaxation are the bedrock of both practices and this is the first detail addressed.

Please view the attached and easy to follow video. There is a detailed tutorial on our Qigong page. This routine is good for health recovery, fixing the skeleton, boosting vitality and strength.

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