How to develop a Yoga/asana practice

The progression of Yogic practices

An overview

Yoga is a composite system that incorporates practices for the body, mind and spirit.

A complete practice addresses all aspects of who we are and develops the whole rather than just the mind or body.

Love, knowledge and power

In equal measures with decisions made from love. The aspiring yogi aims towards a fuller state of being and discovers hidden layers of the self and a much more meaningful relationship with life and other people.

Meditation for spiritual growth

Of the many methods and paths towards spiritual growth and enlightenment the easiest is to be grateful for what we have and to help others and to live a moral and ethic life. This is the fundamental Yoga everything else just supports this.

Developing an intelligent and safe Asana practice.

Learning how to unlock vinyasa is the foundation and this is done during the basic training for Sun Salutaions in the first frame. When the energy of the breath is raising the arms then the student can start moving into the rest of the practice.

Sun Salutations are a highly advanced method with many variations and all standing and balancing Asana's are practiced within this system.

Seated or folded limb postures are a secondary practice and steady the mind, breath and body for breath-work and meditation.

Yoga is a state of being, a union of all our facuties with our environment and requires that we pay clear and unbiased attention to ourselves and the people around us.

Karma, the impact we have on ourselves and others shapes our circumstances. Knowing and managing this is the ultimate requirement for liberation from habits and misfortune.

Ultimately, love and kindness is all we need.

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