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2020 Crazy Give Away Discounts


This year we will discount the fees for the first 5 people to sign up for our retreats or courses. We will have 5 random cards each with the discount written on and which will be drawn from a bag on a live FB video stream with all entrants watching.   


These are the discounts.


Dancing Dragon

At a whopping 50 % off.


Drunken Master

Staggers in next at 45 %. off Outstanding performance Master Vino.


Playing a Lute

Gets you 40 % off. Music to the soul.

Yin and Yang

Equalize the remaining two places with each gifting 35 % off.


Other reasons for discounts


Thomas is very generous with discounts for people who have a good reason such as young travelers, people who have been ill and have exhausted their cash and expats within a certain income bracket or anyone who finds the listed prices just a bit high. Remember that we also have a Crazy Discount scheme happening ALL YEAR. Thomas loves sharing. 


Important notes


In the beginning we do a health evaluation of how your body moves, your posture, mental state, habits, diet, and your goals (for example to get into shape, lose weight, overcome specific issues like joint pain). From this we develop a unique program for achieving your goals and all sessions are private in local pagodas or top class facilities. First we Reset the body then learn new ways to move and new habits such as discipline and self motivation and in return you receive a new lease on life

Long Term Health Recovery Holidays in Siem Reap. First month - $1 800 USD Subsequent months negotiable 

Absolutely amazing place to live in while transforming your life. Siem Reap can be very comfortable for $ 1500 a month and that will include very good food and a new and well equipped apartment. Markets are very cheap with all the comforts of home, cinemas and exceptional restaurants too. Very cheap......

Week long Overhaul your Life Training (7 Days) - $550 USD

During such a short period we offer a more intensive experience as we will need to compress what we usually spread out over a month. So we do more sessions a day and suggest that you bring a video camera along and we will film on your device all you need to take away with you. And.. There are lovely places all around here to practice in.


Thomas' hourly rate is $60 USD

He is very happy to meet for a free consultation for an evaluation and propose a solution. Subsequent sessions are charged and he is open to discounting his fees too in order to make his knowledge and experience available.

Our fees will not bankrupt you  Contact us



Our foundation courses last a month and consist of a private class a day and home work to do for the rest of the day.

Tuition only $ 1 500 USD

Tai Ji,  Qigong.and Martial Arts

In order to quote for this a lot of information is required and a conversation is required during which a fee in negotiated

Please consider

We recommend a minimum of 1 month for you to get the tools you need to maintain a baseline level of health and vitality for the rest of your life. We also offer follow up guidance online and we record custom videos of the exercises in your unique package so you can carry on doing the practice any time you like in the future. 


Our fees do not include living costs or extrusions. Siem Reap is a beautiful and very interesting town that can be enjoyed on a budget and offers very well priced living options and  is surrounded by amazing countryside.


Unique and worth visiting. We are happy to do a special class in  places on your visit list and can suggest a few more quiet places too.