Qigong  & Wellness Retreat in Thailand.

Nadan Beach Khanom 2020

The opportunity to re tune your body and recharge your energy and optimism in an amazing and untouched place

1 st April 2020 till 1 st May 2020

Nadan Beach, Khanom.

Situated a few KM from Khnom is Nadan beach. This long and almost untouched beach is capped by hills and one can find more beaches further north, small and quiet.


Khanom is very close to Kho Samui, Kho Pangan and Kho Tao and is free of hordes of tourists which is why we go there. The town is more a village and there are many interesting places to explore along the very interesting coastline.




From markets and harbors, fishing villages, remote little beaches and hidden gems like restaurants and miles of quiet roads to explore and hill to climb. Remote coastal villages and of course the famous Pink Dolphins. Khanom is very much worth visiting.




Luxury Condo with kitchens and options for number of rooms. A beautiful view of the beach and mountains behind from the roof terrace. Spectacular sunrise and sunset view spot and practice area.

The Teacher

Thomas Ogram. With decades of research and experience Thomas offer a direct to the point practice which provides an effect on the entire body at the same time rather than treating a complaint locally. This method blends a chiropractic module with a module to develop the nervous system with elongation of the nerves and sensory exercises as a few examples. The final module is Breath work and the Mind. His Bio Here

Goal of this retreat

Cover the Foundation Sets of Medicinal Qigong and radically improve your health while having a great holiday.

Costs and further details will be announced via Social Media and a website update soon.

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Prior to composing your email consider, our request for a small list of details regarding why you are contacting us. with as much detail as possible  on any current medical conditions should you be considering health recovery.

Should you be considering a long term study of our specialty subjects please furnish as many details as possible and your expectations and experience.

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