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Thomas Ogram is the founder of Ahimsa Academy. He was born in Scotland in 1965  The above photo was taken in 2018.

Yoga training

Thomas started his study of Yoga as a 6 year old child under the direction of his father. His father had lived in India during the 1950's as a student of Yoga and mysticism himself.


Thomas continued to study Yoga for the rest of his life and has studied with the Divine Life Society founded by Swami Sivananda and Bhakti Yoga with Iskon.


Thomas then continued to follow the teachings of Swami Krisnamacharya via his students being Patabi Joice founder of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and BKS Iyengar founder of Iyengar Yoga. Thomas now teaches the method of Swami Desikachar who is the son of Swami Krishnamacharya as this addresses the requirements of each student.

Thomas was recently appointed to prepared candidates for The National Yoga Teachers Exams in India and turned down an invitation to teach classic Yoga at a university in India as he does not want to leave Cambodia.

Martial arts, Medicinal Qigong and Tai Chi

He started to study martial arts as a teenager and was attracted by the philosophy and the fact that the practice would strengthen his mind and body and as a means to understand himself at a much deeper level.


He has been blessed to have received tuition from some of the very high level adepts of various arts and continues to teach the arts in the traditional way, as they have been taught for a very long time. He holds a Black Belt in Karate, has studied Japanese and Chinese sword, Chinese internal Martial arts including Yang and Chen Tai Chi and maintains an active interest in other systems.



His life long interest in healing methods led him to the study of Medicinal Qigong an ancient Chinese medical system utilizing breathing techniques and movement that is fast gaining recognition for being very effective and this forms the backbone of the health recovery programs he offers.Thomas has studied various massage techniques including Ayurveda and Chinese systems with reflexology which he practiced professionally.


His practice has kept him from aging at the same speed as his generation and this is a testament to the validity of what he teaches.



He moved into full time teaching over 35 years ago and has taught in South Africa, England, Ireland, Yoga in India, Denmark, Spain, Tai Chi and Yoga in China, advanced Tai Chi and martiial arts in California and recently retreats inThailand for 6 years.


Please have a look at these videos below to hear Thomas on Not taking life too seriously and Defeating personal demons



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