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Acupressure, bone setting, addiction recovery, mentoring, trauma recovery and recovery Kampot.

I offer a wide range of therapies.


I have studied and practiced massage and bone setting professionally along with mentoring and counselling.

Drug rehabilitation and trauma recovery as well as health and fitness recovery.



Based on traditional Chinese pressure point massage for balancing of the organs and detoxing the body. Injury and nervous system rehabilitation. 

This system is one I have practiced for 35 years and has been exceptionally effective in reconditioning the body.

Bone setting.

This was an integral part of my training and is complimented by pressure point massage.

Addiction management and recovery.

This is a field I have worked in professionally for years. One on one sessions online or in a private retreat setting.

Trauma recovery.

 Accident and injury recovery combining all my skills and including physical therapy.

Mentoring and counselling.

Help with dealing with difficult life problems including relationships and rebuilding self esteem.

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