Need a life of vitality and optimism with spring in your step ? Learn how to do this, simple, easy and safe. Practiced by people of all ages Medicinal Qigong has stood up to scientific tests with very positive results.

Something so simple and easy to learn should not have any major impact on fitness. Rationally thinking this compared to a strong fitness routine should fail miserably. But, it does just the opposite. A correct Qigong practice changes the body and its chemistry, this has been observed during  Medical based research.


Medicinal Qigong Clinical some examples of research and results      Here


The practices follows a few stages.


The first stage


This is a correction period to fix the skeleton and re toning the body. This period resets the body to an optimal state and restores a broader range of movement. Joints are opened to a fuller range of movement and the body strengthened to support this.

The second stage


Builds on the first stage and develops finer motor control and sensory abilities thereby developing the nervous system and a soft elastic state that allows deep relaxation in movement and makes the body much more efficient and resilient. Stress resistance increases as does vitality and stamina. A very clear and calm mind is one of the results of getting to this stage.

The third stage


This is reached when the Foundation Sets kinetic drills become light and effortless. Up to this point we have allowed our bodies to breathe as needed. Third stage practice involves long periods of still practices, standing or sitting. Still on the outside , steady yet lively inside. The mind just watching and sensing.

The fourth stage

Established in steadiness and stable the student is then ready to  open the door to go inwards and to start the breath is the medium. Observation then regulation then natural rhythm which is observed again. Some techniques for the  regulation of breath for therapeutic purposes such as dealing with a toxin or trauma. Meditation is just paying complete attention, softly and effortlessly. This increases energy and mental clarity.

Notes on learning the first four stages


This sequence must be followed in the order laid out. The first stage is the most important as only when the body is ready can it move forward. Time invested in the first stage is never wasted and we strongly suggest lingering at this level even if you feel ready to move on. Why ? Because it puts down a very good foundation and makes subtle changes to the bio chemistry.

The second stage changes the quality of the practices covered during the first stage and a process of re texturing begins as our body feels and moves very differently. Like a cat or a pro athlete. No matter how old you are. The third and fourth stage techniques can be practiced together as the third stage introduces new practices that are the root of fourth stage practice.

What is acquired during the fourth stage is then introduced into the foundation level sets. We always practice Foundation Sets


Daily practice makes changes, very good changes..

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