Yoga retreat & courses in Pai, Thailand


This years Retreats in Pai will combine classic Vinyasa Yoga with Chinese Qigong

 Throughout 2020 from September


The venue is The Good Life Dacha, a school of wellness and an artists and musicians retreat center with comfortable bungalows, great entertainment and interesting people. They teach how to make ferments and all about super nutrition and have lots of fun. They are family friendly too. Visit their FACE BOOK HERE


This retreat is being set up for Mid December until the end of January 2020., there will be two three week retreats over this period.


Our retreats include trips into nature, hikes along and swims in mountain streams and cultural experiences among hill tribe people.


Thomas Ogram with nearly 50 years of practice and over 35 teaching. Thomas will open your eyes on finer details in basics. Concentration on structure and transitions and integrative breath. The Philosophical teachings point to a calm and managed life, of Satya { truth } and an understanding of Karma and control of the mind and subtle bodies . Thomas keeps his retreats lighthearted. TESTIMONIALS HERE and his FULL BIO HERE

Goal of this course

This course will delve into layers of detail in structure and transition between postures. Transitions are the key element and are the practice platform for embedding the link between breath and movement, Vinyasa. We then look into structure and means of suspending the skeleton and opening joints. The classic approach is to elongate the body rather than stretch. Fundamentals of whole body breathing and isolated breathing ie belly breathing. The basics are deep and rewarding.

Cost and further details to be announced

By the end of 2020 we have this sorted. This will be affordable and fun.



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Foundation course syllabus  

Principles of Vinyasa

Using breath to initiate movement. This is what defines the practice of Yoga and this dynamic can be incorporated into other types of movement. Vinyasa is not a style of Yoga but rather an internal dynamic expressed by any and all movements.

Sun Salutations

As a principle practice Sun Salutations are a complete system and an ideal practice ground for linking postures and learning flow.

Standing postures and various transitions

Standing postures are our primary tool used to open up and develop the body. This allows us to develop strength and openness safely. One must balance strength and flexibility or risk injuries related to hyper mobility with no stabilizing strength.

Balancing postures

Balancing postures are later integrated into dynamic linked standing sequences. Balancing postures develop concentration and mental strength and the ability to remain focused.

Seated postures

Seated postures are a secondary training and are preparation for and the postures needed for meditation and advanced breathing practices. This sequence steadies the mind and body and allows us to journey inwards without distractions.

Foundation training for inversions

Inversions can be very rewarding to practice but there are risks involved that sometimes outweigh the benefits. Inversions are a third stage practice and need to be practiced correctly to prevent injuries and deformations to the skeleton. We teach half bridge and half shoulder stand.


Meditation and energy work

Meditation and energy gathering techniques that are safe and that provide real results. Non dogmatic these techniques develop concentration and the ability to relax and remain calm under stressful conditions. How to recharge your life force and understand what it is the role and anatomy of Chakras.

Development of the nervous system

Central and peripheral nervous systems includes training of the eyes and the ability to enhance sensory awareness.

Energy work with partners

Take your relationships into another dimension and engage with more depth and spiritual intimacy.


Mantra foundation

Mantras and chanting have long been an integral part of Yogic practices, learn seed mantras to clear and balance the body and Buddhist mantras to remove negative influences. Experience the power of sound.

Sequencing an Asana practice

This must be done with intelligence and an understanding of what the Asanas are for. Just mixing up Asanas for the sake of filling an hour long class is not ideal. Each person has a different temperament and requirements.

Asana adjustments and corrections

Learn to help your practice partners and students to optimize their practice and prevent possible injury that can result from incorrect alignment. Learn through sharing knowledge. This is what we do for student teachers and we offer this with this course too as it helps us to re examine what we know when we need to share this with others and it enriches friendship.

Safe practice and injury prevention

There are many reasons why classic yoga follows certain rules regarding the progression of Asana practice, mostly these are related to safe practice and injury prevention. Many people have suffered terrible injuries from the incorrect practice of Yoga. While some of the problems are skeletal other problems arise from premature energy work or excessive energy work before the system is ready. Yogic practices follow a prescribed path and have for thousands of years to prevent such problems. Today unqualified teachers are introducing practices that are harmful and misunderstood.


Karma Yoga

Learning to live in accordance with the laws of Karma can improve our lives in ways we cannot yet perceive and elevate our perceptions to new spiritual vistas. Karma is the most important element in life and Yoga. Understanding and accepting our karma is an important first step on the path of liberation from suffering. A respect for all life is essential. Karma Yoga is NOT working for free at some Yoga studio but rather a sometimes painful self examination followed by a determined and committed change to ones life style. Who or what owns your mind?

There are many facets to Yoga besides postures and our course provides an insight into all of these.


Yoga embraces emotional and mental well-being allowing us to become more valuable members of our community and gain the most from our lives. Yoga is an excellent tool to develop our bodies and awaken spiritual self knowledge. thus ensuring deep inner peace and providing answers to life's existential questions..​


The  style of Yoga I teach is Classic Vinyasa Yoga from the Swami Krishnamacharya lineage. This is the original Yogic system and embraces spiritual and mental training besides Asana practice.


Our school offers a very deep foundation and will show you just what Asana practice can offer at all levels and how powerful this practice is restoring the body and mind.

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