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Qigong classes and courses in Siem Reap Cambodia.



Medicinal Qigong has long been practiced and enjoys a history of thousands of years.


The primary goal of practicing Medicinal Qigong is optimal health on the following levels, mental, emotional, physical, energetically and psychic.


This practice produces astounding results very fast and builds up strength and stamina for life.  


The course we offer allows people participating an opportunity to experience this enhanced health first hand in a short period of time.


As this practice is not very complex it is very easy to learn and remember all the movements and routines, filming is encouraged. 


As the course progresses small details are added into the practice and daily practice reveals deeper layers to the self, opens up and stabilizes the body, smooths the Qi, brings about mental clarity, abundant vitality, better balance on all levels, a stronger more agile body and accelerates the process of deep healing.

The teaching method is leading by example and highlighting the details, people all learn at different paces so a teacher is patient and holds a light hearted and humorous space for the students they are teaching. This is important. 

Course content.


Our course covers four main practices ideally practiced in the order presented as follows. However, each of the practices can be practiced separately as long as the body is awake and warmed up by a brisk walk first.

At the minimum a period of at least one month is needed for this course, longer if there are health related issues that require attention or if a student is very unfit or suffering a serious Qi imbalance.


Body tapping Qigong.


This practice systematically stimulates and balances the nervous system, clears the meridians, discharges sick and toxic Qi, reboots organ energy, clears the mind and frees us of unwanted psychic links while boosting the immune system and energy.


A simple practice, which takes about twenty minutes, is our first practice of the day and is a complete practice in itself.

Taoist Long Life Qigong.

This is our second routine. often a version of this is used by Tai Chi schools as a warm up practice as it is very effective in opening up the joints, conditioning the body, increasing range of movement and generally toning up the body and entire system.


This practice has far reaching benefits and produces a very strong and agile body with limitless reserves of energy as the continual movements generate Qi.

This routine is very versatile and includes many variations to each part that are introduced as the student progresses. It has much to offer and provides instant results and strength gains. A strong body creates a strong mind and abundant Qi.

Standing Qigong.

The five dynamics. Root, center, balance, expansion and contraction are engaged and developed through the practice of a few standing postures starting with a few dynamic and finishing with a still pose. 

Seated Qigong.

This utilizes 5 postures starting with a still pose followed by four dynamic hand patterns. This concentrates and circulates Qi while stilling the mind and completely relaxing and recharging the system with Yin Qi.

Booking and cost.


Our courses start at the beginning of the first week of every month. The cost is USD 500 per person for two classes a day for 6 days a week.


Book through the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Please see reviews.


We do not provide accommodation or meals but we do assist in helping our students find suitable places to stay to suit all budgets.

We offer discounts for residents of Cambodia and expats on work visa's.

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