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My name is Thomas Ogram. I have been in the fitness and personal development field for 50 years and I enjoy better health and vitality now than  ever before.


I was 55 when the photo on this page was taken and I live a full and active life. Love drumming and live life to the full.

My background and training include Martial arts, Weight training, Mountain biking, Yoga, Chen style Tai Chi, Medicinal Qigong, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.



I started to study Yoga at age 5 with my father as my first teacher. My father had studied extensively in India during the 1950's and shared the foundation principles of the classic practice. These lessons have been an integral part of my life since then.


I have furthered my training in India, have taught in India and declined a position as a professor of Yoga in India as I was too committed to a project here in Cambodia.


I continue to teach in the classic fashion that is more encompassing than the studio style fitness version of Yoga that has been developed in the west.


Yoga is not a practice, but rather a state of being or union of all aspects of ourselves, allowing us to experience previously hidden aspects of ourselves and providing us an opportunity to experience deeper dimensions of ourselves and the world around us. A return to our true nature.


I started with boxing then discovered Zulu stick fighting before taking up a few styles of Karate vis Shotokan, Kyukoshinkai and Gojo Ryu. I opened my first Dojo at age 22 and was invited to compete internationally twice.


I then discovered Aikido and the world of internal energy and this let to the study of 2 styles of Tai Chi being Yang and Chen.


Tai Chi introduced me to Qigong and Medicinal Qigong. I have visited China to study multiple times and have studied with numerous Chinese Masters outside of China for a few decades. Currently all I practice is Tai Chi and Qigong.


I have extensive experience in resistance training with weights and body weight methods, this I incorporate into my teachings as the benefits thereof are undeniable.


Most of my Qigong and Tai Chi teachers are Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine, some specializing in Acupuncture others in Medicinal Qigong and Chinese bone setting. My teachers included tuition in these fields as part of my schooling. While in India I studied Ayurvedic massage as I have long been interested in therapeutic massage and bone setting and practiced remedial massage professionally for some time.


I believe that this world needs more peace and sincerity. We need to help each other and not lose sight of the value of friendship and caring. Now more than ever before it is important to look beyond mere self gain and materialism and start to cultivate a more spiritual ethos.


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