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What is Medicinal Qigong

Medicinal Qigong is a system developed by Taoists with a history of thousands of years. Thus there are many branches of this system all of which produce excellent results with regular and correct practice.


The system I teach is progressive and made up of a few subroutines each of which is a good practice alone.


Combined the results are faster and more profound and the kinetic framework has many end applications besides being exceptional for health, vitality, strength and mental wellbeing.


This system is excellent for general health, health recovery or for serious athletes to enhance performance and reduce recovery time. Qigong is an integral part of many Chinese Martial Arts.


The first Module corrects the physical body specifically addressing the realignment of the skeleton and mobility of the joints, elongation and toning of connective tissue, toning of the central nervous system, reconditioning of the muscles and balances metabolic functions making the body more agile, open and vigorous, with more range of movement, a lighter and connected feeling and induces whole being calm with significant improvements in mental function.


As we go along we introduce a modular program of breath regulation which improves the production of red and white blood cells and opens the lungs and works wonders for circulation and nervous system .

Relaxed and prolonged concentration rewires the brain and significantly improves the mind and brain function.

Benefits of practice are better agility, physical and mental balance, enhanced cognitive and perceptive abilities, improved immune function and resistance to stress, increased production of hormones, improves metabolic functions, strengthens the muscles and increases stamina.


Medicinal Qigong has been subject to serious study in the reversal and prevention of serious illness. Some research results HERE.

Medicinal Qigong is very easy to learn and due to the progressive nature of the curriculum progressive gains are made rapidly. It can be practiced by people of all ages regardless of health and has grown in popularity as a result of its remarkable effect on health at all levels.


Detail of a class with free tutorial videos HERE

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