Wellness and Health Retreats in Cambodia


I am currently based in Kampot Cambodia. The perfect tranquil location for your personal Renew You retreat. Specializing in Fit for your fifties.This is the place to be if you wish to turn your life around. No matter what you wish to achieve I can help you. Being 57 myself I understand the challenges we face as we get older.


I have all the tools to share and a recovery program that is very comprehensive covering all aspects health and I teach Medicinal Qigong for this complimented with resistance training using free weights and body weight routines that are modular and very effective in completely restoring vitality and all the good physical attributes we need to have a great life also enhancing mental and emotional well being.


Benefits of and scientific testing of Medicinal Qigong HERE

A lot of research has led to significant discoveries in hormone management, fitness, nutrition, longevity, anti ageing and mental development. These are fields of interest to me and I share findings with my clients. My personal experience with what I teach has significantly enhanced my life in so many ways. It is now within reach to live a very full and vital life into our golden years.

To participate in this please contact me, we can discuss what I can do for you. 


I don't provide accommodation as my clients like to choose their own place in accordance with their preferences. There are great markets and loads to do here including excellent restaurants and cafes. The air is fresh, the pace sedate and the scenery is spectacular.

My recovery programs include lots of one on one time with my clients. I encourage you to film the key points of my lessons.

I have helped many people who believed that over 50 meant that life was never going to be the same again. Not true as they have discovered. On this page there are some video testimonials from people who now have a better life. From chronic backache, constant pain, low vitality and depression to a new renewed life.

Let me share this gift with you.

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