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Wellness and Health Retreats in Cambodia




We are currently based in Siem Reap Cambodia. The perfect tranquil location for your personal health recovery retreat.

Siem Reap is a perfect place for this with all the modern amenities and markets but with a very slow pace of life.


Boasting the Angkor Wat complex within walking distance and a very lively social scene, Siem Reap also has some world class fitness centers.


We use one with  infra red and steam saunas and a cold plunge pool. These are indispensable for health recovery. Also with a big swimming pool and well equipped modern gym there are all the tools needed to get into super shape

Taoist Longevity Health Recovery Holidays, experience the benefits of Medicinal Qigong.

As we get older our bodies start to tighten up and we lose range of motion and vitality.


We teach Medicinal Qigong ( Benefits of and scientific testing of Medicinal Qigong HERE )  complimented with resistance training, using free weights and body weight routines that are modular and very effective in completely restoring and developing vitality, agility, core strength and endurance.


We include some Yoga too for better range of movement and better vitality through proper breathing. This is complimented with walks around the temples and bike rides to keep things fresh and interesting.

A lot of recent research has led to significant discoveries in hormone management, fitness, nutrition, longevity, anti ageing and mental development.


These are fields of interest to me and I share my research findings with my clients.


My recovery programs include lots of one on one time with my clients. I encourage you to film the key points of my lessons for your future reference and I offer future online follow up.

I have helped many people who believed that over 50 meant that life was never going to be the same again. Not true as they have discovered.


On this page there are some video testimonials from people who now have a better life. From chronic backache, constant pain, low vitality and depression to a new renewed life. It is now within reach to live a very full and vital life into our golden years.

My personal experience with what I teach has significantly enhanced my life in so many ways.

To participate in this please contact me, we can discuss what I can do for you. 


I don't provide accommodation as my clients like to choose their own place in accordance with their preferences and budgets.

Please see these reviews HERE

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