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Addiction recovery in Cambodia

Personalized one on one addiction recovery in beautiful setting to start a new life free of addiction. Whatever you are addicted to, myself and fellow faculty member Michael Jakeman will help you through this process.

We both know the stress and damage to our lives that being addicted causes. Both myself and Michael have been there and can assure you that there is a way out of this. All it takes is taking the first step and believing in yourself.

Whether you are addicted to alcohol or hard drugs this can be done and has been done by many others too.

Michael and I work as a team with myself providing the physical therapies with Medicinal Qigong and Michael the in depth phycological help as we done for many before.

We choose a venue away in nature near a beach in a quiet place with no distractions where you can learn to meditate and master your mind and learn to control impulses.

Overcoming addiction seems daunting, but step by step, it is some thing that is within the reach of anyone who is serious about change.

Working from the body up you will discover a new you, more physical and mental energy, better self esteem and confidence, mental and spiritual clarity and discover a new world within and without.

If you wish your world and you were different and better, we can help you achieve this.

Please contact us and allow us to help. Your first chat with us is absolutely free we have been where you are now and really care.

Michael has extensive experience in this field. This is a link to his bio and this is my bio

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