Tai Chi courses and retreats in Cambodia

Tai Chi is practiced by millions of people around the world. This art that has a long history is credited with some amazing health benefits. 

Better physical balance, improved relaxation, less stress, better circulation, increased bone density, better lung and heart function, metabolic stimulation, improved muscle tone, strength and stamina and greatly improved energy or are just some of the benefits. Spatial awareness and cognitive function are regenerated, better recall and mood management are the inner benefits.

Tai Chi is a great way to start the day, you will feel loose, open, relaxed, very agile and full of vitality with a crystal clear mind and a much better mood with sharper and longer lasting concentration. 

A detailed foundation is the first step to learning Tai Chi, the basics are simple and anyone regardless of health can grasp them. The practice is modular starting with Qigong to relax and energize the body.


This is followed by learning each of the forms or movements in isolation before combining them together into a sequence. We start with short sequences and build up to longer sets as we progress and become stronger, yes Tai Chi will make you significantly stronger and is a very stimulating workout too, one that will not leave you wiped out but rather refreshed. The slow movements do not stimulate the release of cortisol or lactic acids but instead increase the production of hormones and increase the the capacity of the lung and enhance the heart function.

Tai Chi has been subjected to a lot of research, with astounding results. As Tai Chi is also a martial art and a form of Qigong and is based on the same principles of movement, the results from practice are the same.


This is a page on scientific research into the effects of Qigong in the treatment of many serious illnesses including chronic heart disease and diabetes to mention just a few. QIGONG REASERCH.

If you wish to get started on the road to self mastery through Tai Chi please contact me and we can arrange a personal retreat for you in Kampot.

The following videos are of my teachers. The Chen style lineage I practice and teach is that of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei. Most of my Chen style teachers are from this lineage and this is what I teach.

The top video features Master Wang Hai Jun and the one below is Master Fu Neng Bin, both senior Disciples of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei