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Taoist Long Life Qigong an ancient style of Medicinal Qigong

This highly effective system is easy to learn and practice and has been scientifically proven to treat diabetes and heart disease among other conditions.

This is a very easy to learn practice and consists of 3 parts. Anybody, in any state of health can start this and feel benefits from the first session


The first routine activates and refreshes the lifeforce or Qi by systematically tapping the body. This removes stale and stagnant Qi from the body, clears the meridians, stimulates the nervous system and circulation and releases happy hormones into the bloodstream, significantly improving mood and vitality.


The second routine, is a very comprehensive series of joint rotations which also realign the skeleton, relaxes and tones the muscle and connective tissue network, stretches' the nerves and vascular system, improves mobility, balance and self awareness, opens up the lungs and relaxes the heart.

The videos below cover this section in detail and are very easy to follow.


The final is energy cultivation using standing postures and deep concentrated breathing this followed by a dynamic seated routine consisting of 5 postures.


The entire session takes between an hour and 2 hours, but this can be condensed with good results if a person is a bit pressed for time.

See here for scientific research into the BENEFITS OF QIGONG

Contact me today to discover how I can help you regain an amazing life.

The following videos cover the joint opening routine and is presented in 4 parts. The name of this practice is Taoist Long Life set and this is a very old practice. We also use this routine to warm up for our Tai Chi classes. As a stand alone practice this routine is very effective at repairing and reconditioning the body. During the decades that I have been teaching this the results have been nothing short of miraculous.

These videos were filmed and narrated by myself, Thomas Ogram while I was a teacher at the Chen Tai Chi Academy before I decided to specialize in Wellness retreats.

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