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Michael holds a Bachelor of Science Psychology, Postgraduate Diploma of Education, Certificate IV Massage, and a Certificate III Fitness. He is a Psychologist and Counsellor and has worked in a therapeutic role for 14 years. Initially a physical trainer and rehabilitation specialist, Michael became a social worker for high-needs clients and has been specializing in drug rehabilitation since 2014.

Michael has undertaken extensive research into the fundamental brain processes that underpin addiction. His methods are based on proven research and this informs the intervention and treatment approaches used. Michael has expertise in the thorough psychological assessment necessary for the development of an individualised approach for each client. Additionally, his extensive experience working with people with dual diagnosis and his specialisation in crisis work, has refined his skillset and developed a knowledge-set based on the latest research. When working with drug addiction,  Michael uses evidence-based practices and proven therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy in combination with proven natural therapies.


Michael also understands addiction from a real, experiential place. He was addicted to drugs and alcohol himself for a decade, and knows the barriers to overcoming addiction including the stigma attached to being labelled an ‘addict’. He does not agree with the drug rehabilitation industry standard of offering little hope to a recovering user. Michael’s message is that full recovery is not only possible after drugs but, if drug-users are armed with the right tools, skills sets and knowledge, backed by the latest advances in Neuroscience and Psychology, they can live a happy and fulfilled life again, forever drug free.

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