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Bio Hack is an umbrella term to describe practices that radically improve the health of the person adopting them.

This science covers all aspects of life from mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

Intermitted fasting which can produce an increase of the production of human growth hormone by 2000 %.


The positive benefits of the ketogenic diet has created a flood of testimonial videos on You Tube and has effects that are close to stem cell therapy and has relieved many of severe conditions such as diabetes. 


High intensity interval training significantly increases testosterone.


Hypoxic breathwork increases the production of a better quality red blood cell.


Meditation and living a moral and purposeful life radically alter the quality of life for all who adopt these. These practices all makes up bio hacking. Something to seriously consider.


The movement to self reliance in the wide field of personal health is growing rapidly with the term bio hacking trending high on search engines. Indicative of the rising interest in personal self determination and the growing body of people looking outside the box with regards towards an improved life. Bio hacking does this and much more.

Anti ageing and longevity with a better quality of life are gaining the interest of many people and the scientific breakthroughs are remarkable to say the least. With a better understanding of the essential role of good nutrition, rest, mineral and vitamin supplementation.


Today we can repair telemeres and reverse the effects of time on our bodies, literally turn back the clock. We live in exciting times.

Starting from the physical body and determination training the process of life transformation begins. Gains are made rapidly

Weight loss, recovery from serious illness and injuries, significant gains in health, , increased human growth hormone, testosterone in males, finding purpose and joy in life with fresh enthusiasm are just some of the rewards of taking this up.

Bio hacking or self management of one's health is not new, ancient Taoist pioneered this with the various effective schools of Qigong thousands of years ago. This system has reached amazing levels of refinement today and is the foundation of the programs I offer

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