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Advanced Kinetics

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Unleash your body's full potential

We have undreamed of potential. Its up to us to unlock this potential.

When we take our health and fitness into our own hands we open up a new world and daily enjoy the gains we are making.

We approach body work with intelligence. No over training or dangerous practices that will harm and stress our body.

Preparing the body

We begin by opening up the joints and whole body. Flexing open muscle tissue, connective tissue and the nerves. Balancing drills and connecting movement with the breath. Deep regulated breathing clears the lungs and blood and freshens us up. This first routine is gentle but practiced for 45 minutes provides us with a bit of a challenge and develops more range of movement while toning up every muscle. This routine has multiple is excellent for getting more flexibility and strength while delivering fast results. Relaxed power is the key here and we become much more efficient and balanced in our movement.

Going beyond our limits, pushing for rapid adaptation.

This module is very challenging, High Intensity Interval Training is a good start. Short, intense workouts shock the body into a highly adaptive state just to cope.

A core training routine sculpts the physique and burns off fat, corrects our posture and makes us very, very strong with a high strength to mass ratio.

Add in a routine with multiple levels for agility and relaxed explosive movement and surprise yourself by what you can achieve. We do build this up gradually and learn to go way beyond what we previously perceived as our limits. Nothing feels as good as being seriously fit and capable of handling anything.

Become a warrior and win.

Life rewards effort. This is a simple fact, and when directed to the development of our bodies and live gives us some very good rewards. Immunity and vitality, an elastic and strong body the keeps improving should be incentive enough. But its really what gets developed within us as a consequence of this disciple that really gives us an edge and keeps us progressing. The body, mind and entire being are connected. This Kinetic work is the foundation of our course, we go into much deeper levels of every aspect of our lives.

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