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Super nutrition

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

This does not require complex supplements and relies on simple, unprocessed, foods and how to eat correctly.

Food is medicine or poison. Simple. We become what we eat. We can change our diets and discipline our eating habits and this alone will turn our lives around.

What to avoid

With everything and anything available this becomes a very long list. it can be simply summarized. Any processed or chemically preserved food.

Natural diet

Organic if possible, leafy green vegetables, a lot of fats and very little processed carbs. All foods fresh if possible. Home cooking is a very good gift to oneself. Dietary trends come and go, wholesome home cooking is becoming a lost art and we are suffering for this.

Ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet has been around since it was used to treat epilepsy in 1912. This is a very effective treatment for epilepsy.

Today it has rapidly become popular for weight loss. How this works is like this, the body converts carbohydrates to fat as stored energy. if a person keeps eating carbohydrates then they wont need to convert the fat back to energy. By substituting carbohydrates with high volumes of good fats we start to burn ketones. After a period the body adjusts and starts to burn stored fat too.

The ketogenic diet is receiving a lot of attention for another reason too. Diabetes was once considered to require perpetual medication, however many diabetes sufferers adopted the ketogenic diet and no longer have diabetes. I am one of these people, stage 2, I am no longer vulnerable to diabetes according to a doctor.

One meal a day and periodic fasting.

This is not a new practice, it works wonders by allowing to body to fully digest the last meal and recharge the digestive system.

If there is a period of 18 hours between meals then the body increase the production of human growth hormone by 2000% the body also uses this time to recycle old cells and regenerate.

This practice increases vitality and mental clarity.

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