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The mind and the brains potential.

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

The deep and mysterious realm of the mind. The understanding of ourselves and optimization of all our faculties.

“The mind has tormented, inspired and puzzled us since the beginning of time. Mental composure is its own reward and with a realistic understanding of ourselves the sky is the limit.”

Do you own your mind ? If not, who does ?

This is a sharp question, but needs to asked. We are naturally in need of guidance, since our births we have relied on the wisdom and intervention of previous generations. Who stimulated our imaginations? Who helped us believe in ourselves ? At this time we were not in full ownership of our minds but have them shaped by our culture, our sense of personal being has grown through this until we are at the point of full independence. However we constantly grow through our interactions with ourselves and others. So, we are always reliant on the insights and wisdom of those who have gone before and the inspiration from each new generation as they bring in fresh perspectives and new ideas and fresher creativity.

The Ego.

Is this the foundation of our identity? The ambassador of our persona with some very strict rules, the ego is our interface with the world around us. The ego essentially a reflection of our ideas, programming, values or lack there. The motivator if it matures and starts to adopt friendlier values, this allows it to connect with a deeper, more relaxed and very aware part of the self. Or the destroyer of ourselves and others around us The ego undergoes an evolution during the course of our lives finally maturing. The ego is essential to keep presence inn life and motivate us to excel.

Discipline and changing habits.

Simply making the bed in the morning will have a big impact. How we start the day is generally how we continue them. Good habits just need to be small. Getting up early to exercise has a life changing effect. Not only on our health but also on our control and management of our lives. We develop drive and momentum this way. The early bird catches the worm because they are waiting for it, prepared for it and know they will get it.

Optimizing the brain

Easily achieved through diet alone. Removing anything from our food that is not good prevents loads of problems from arising. Further optimizing of the brain can be achieved through the use of nootropics, brain enhancing supplements. A ketogenic diet, used successfully to treat epilepsy, works wonders on brain function and protects the brain from degeneration. mental exercise and learning new skills works wonders at keeping the mind sharp and focused.

Sentience and the mind as a sense organ.

The mind is the assembly point of all of our senses, the placee we sit in and compose our actions. The sentience is what dreams, inspires and is the seat of our creativity. From this place another sense beyond the 5 senses can be experienced. Here we feel the world, the ambience of a room and potential threats or deeper hidden qualities in other people. This sense is common and known as gut feel. Simple exercises such as feeling any part of your body without physically touching it with your hand will develop this ability.

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