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We offer health recovery holidays, courses and long term study in Yoga, medicinal Qigong and Chen Style Taijiquan.

Our daily program, classes and other options are listed below with links.

Ahimsa Academy was established in 2009 and is now based in Siem Reap  More

Chi Up Your Day



06:30 - 08:00

Body tapping, Skeletal and joint realignment, Tissue toning, Circulatory and nervous system toning.


Menu items of your choice inc coffe, teas, deserts etc and meals too at Krousar Cafe, famous for slow cooking their Bone Broth  for 36 hours. Rebuild your body. Probiotics provided by GIVE Kefir

VENUE Wat Damnak Pagoda Siem Reap. 06 : 30 Daily $ 45.00

Chen Style Taijiquan


Includes the early morning practice for Taiji course students

08:45 - 10:00

Standing Cultivation

Class begins with a brief warm up and a Standing Cultivation for 30 minutes for stability and cultivation of Chi. This is an essential component .

Silk Reeling Qigong 

This is the root of every movement and principle practiced in all styles of Taijiquan. The Chen Style has modular bulding blocks. We cover the essential here and offer more advanced adjustments to students when ready.

Study Options

Month long courses $550.00 which is $18.00 a day. 

Wat Damnak Pagoda, Siem Reap, 06:30 Daily

Taoist Warrior Wellness

Our long term program for health recovery and wellness and INCLUDES morning practice, breakfast and Taijiquan Foundation Classes.Salt water pool, saunas and cold pool. Afternoon Yoga for relaxation followed by sunning around the salt water pool

Price $900:00 per month.


Be A Warrior and Win.

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