Wellness, Yoga retreats, Chen style Tai Chi, Medicinal Qigong, health and addiction recovery retreats in Cambodia

Welcome to our webite. We are based in the stunning riverside town of Kampot in Cambodia, very close to the sea. Great place to chill and with lots of things to do, from quiet time in nature to wild parties. We know you will have a great time.

We offer fun 5 day Yoga camps in a great venue. Long and short term health recovery holidays. Long and short term courses in Yoga, Tai chi, fitness training and addiction recovery.

My name is Thomas and I founded Ahimsa Academy 13 years ago and have had a great time meeting amazing people and helping them on the journey of inner discovery and a new life full of energy and inner peace. REVIEWS.

Yoga retreats in Kampot Cambodia

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Festive Yoga camp with music and great vibes. 5 day detailed course for all levels held at at Meraki, a stunning location on the river with a mountain view and epic sunsets. for Meraki is famous among travelers for its atmosphere and parties

We offer a lighthearted and fun environment with a bar and kitchen, great parties and loads of interesting activities to make this a memorable time. With a selection of beautiful rooms and a dorm to suit all budgets. See the gallery of epic pictures, link below.


This is definitely for you if you wish to get into Yoga and still rock hard at the same time. We believe that Yoga is here to help us get the most out of living an awesome life and should be fun too.

A beautiful and super chilled place not to be missed. DETAILS.

Not only is Meraki the most sublime place to relax but we will help you discover what else there is to do here, from waterfalls, boat trips, sailing, stand up paddle boarding, cooking classes, great nights out, fine cafes and restaurants or just logging up some time in a hammock you will not be bored.

Renew You, Health recovery and Qigong retreats in Cambodia

If you suffer from any of the following conditions I can help you like I have done for many others. 


Skeletal and joint problems. Fatigue. Weakness. Heart and lung problems.

Nervous system disorders. Diabetes. Weight management. Addiction. Depression and stress management, to name but a few.


I offer personalized one on one health recovery holidays, more details HERE.


See a detailed page with Medicinal Qigong research data and references in regard to tests in treating heart disease and diabetes and more conditions considered serious, successfully with . HERE.

This is what the practice of  MEDICINAL QIGONG is.

Please see what these 2 gentlemen had to say after a Renew You retreats that helped one with his recovery from back surgery and the other with back and mobility problems. Videos below.

Addiction recovery in Cambodia

Nobody sets out in life expecting to have an addiction problem. Life happens as they say and cope as best we can. Sometimes circumstances throw us a curve ball and we end up on the sidelines wondering what just happened. I share this from personal experience with personal loss and war. 

However it is in our power to come back from this. Yes it can seem like an impossible prospect and one we are sure no other understands or cares about.

Recovery in essence is a journey we need to start by ourselves and it wont work unless we decide that it is what we want and that it can be done. The rest is hard and a real challenge, this is the real truth of the matter. No point sugar coating it.

Starting with a real acceptance of where we are at and learning first to manage our addictions while we develop new habits to replace the old ones. Step by step with sincere and caring support the way to a new life is possible. MORE