Renew You, Health recovery and Qigong retreats in Cambodia

Hi welcome to our website. We offer an opportunity to experience a new level of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health Renewal.


We have been based in Siem Reap, home of Angkor Wat for the past 8 years helping our guests recover from a broad range of health conditions while enjoying an amazing holiday.


If you suffer from any of the following conditions We can help you like we have done for many others. 

Employing highly effective Traditional Chinese Medicinal Qigong we have treated the following conditions with great success.


Skeletal and joint problems. Fatigue. Weakness. Heart and lung problems.

Nervous system disorders. Diabetes. Weight management. Addiction. Depression and stress management, to name but a few.


We offer personalized one on one health recovery holidays that are much more than your average experience. We make an adventure out of this with trips to exotic destinations to discover ancient temples and the local culture. More details HERE.


See a detailed page with Medicinal Qigong research data and references in regard to tests in treating heart disease and diabetes and more conditions considered serious, successfully with Medicinal Qigong. HERE.

This is what the practice of  MEDICINAL QIGONG is.

Please see what these 2 gentlemen had to say after a Renew You retreats that helped one with his recovery from back surgery and the other with back and mobility problems. Videos below.