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The power and benefits of hard exhalations.

Benefits: Completely tone and strengthen the abdomen, lower back and pelvis floor. Increase lung volume. Improve the performance of the heart. Boost stamina and fitness. Improve whole body circulation. Get the back stronger and more supple.  All while sitting at your desk.

Now that this has your attention let me explain some of the dynamics involved in breathing.

Normal, balanced breathing will engage the diaphragm and all the muscles of the abdomen including the lower back and the pelvic floor. While we are breathing softly when relaxed this is very subtle and takes a bit of concentration to notice. When we start to press the exhalations it is easier to feel this whole body engagement as we reach the end of the exhale cycle. If we pause and tighten up these muscles some more at this point before relaxing into the following inhalation the body will take in more air.

Try this, exhale for 15 seconds while seated and pay attention to which muscles you are using at the end of the exhalation and how much deeper your next breath will be. Now do this for 2 minutes. Next try do for periods of 10 minutes. Soon you will be able to keep this up all day long.

From the very first cycle of this practice there will be an immediate feeling of relaxed vitality, over time many improvements in our health arrive. 

This can be practiced anywhere, anytime. My favorite is to do this as soon as I wake up while still in bed. My days are great after as I keep doing this throughout the day too and now feel as good as any other time in my life and I am in my 50's.

Breathing is the key to life and is a science in itself. One does not need to master many methods either, just what is outlined here is sufficient and will turn your life around.

Happy exhaling.

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