Dealing with depression

Updated: Jan 22

Begin your day right and change your life

Depression is fast becoming an endemic problem in this fast paced world. Frontline therapies in the fight are drugs, but this is not always an effective remedy and most times just masks the problem or induces a state of numbness which is not at all desirable.

But what if there is another way to get on top of our existential problems? How else can we fight this fast growing problem that is responsible for so much misery and suffering.

Here are a number of tips, first we must understand that the first few moments of our day define the rest of our day.

So, change the way we start the day, change the way we see our day and ourselves and lets see what happens.

Most depressed people HATE the mornings as there is no expectation of anything interesting or pleasant for the day ahead. So then they withdraw into a cocoon and the mind starts to spin negative perspectives on the day ahead, life in general, relationships and our options of our selves.

We start the day feeling defeated by everything with no will to get up and move forward.

What we need is victory, many little victories that accumulate into a sense of achievement that we can enjoy at the end of the day.

To start this process try the following.

1. Make your bed.

2. Do a short and intense workout, even a brisk walk will do.

3. Eat a high fat breakfast with NO sugar, this will keep you feeling energetic longer and fuel your brain up for the day.

4. Count your blessings, learn to be very happy with what you already have and stop wasting time crying over what we don't have. Many people would do anything for your life. Before getting put of bed reflect on what we have with gratitude. This is a very powerful way to retrain the mind. See the challenges as opportunities to get stronger and more competent.

5. Take in the beauty of the world around you and stop to smell the flowers.

6. Do something nice for a random stranger, holding a door open works well. Don't do this for a reward.

7. Continually reflect on the good around you and it will grow.

Depression and mental illness are not to be feared. Much self knowledge and life management abilities can grow out of a difficult period. Remember what does not break you makes you.

Be positive, try to arrest reactive behavior and instead be responsive to life.

Set many small and easy to win challenges, this will build a sense of regal success that will soon form the foundation of your new emerging personality. Soon you will welcome any and all challenges.

It's perfectly normal to fail, just don't give up and keep trying.

See yourself as a GIANT and you will become one.

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